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I am Monika, genderqueer robotics student extraordinaire. I like a lot of things and the list of fandoms I am not in is probably shorter than the list of ones I am in. Occasionally I get off my ass and do things, like baking, biking, or petting my cat.


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The Reichenbach Fall

You know when you say, “I forgot to breathe,” or, “I shit myself laughing,” but you don’t actually mean it? Literally speaking, you were breathing just fine (or maybe holding your breathe for dramatic effect) and there was no actual feces exiting your body. All I have to say about The Reichenbach Fall is that as the credits rolled, I started to panic. No air was entering my lungs and as it was beginning to become painful, I told my brain to let my body work properly and stop suffocating me for dramatic effect. To no avail, of course, because I had forgotten which muscles to move in order to expand my lungs. I literally forgot to breathe because those brilliant fucking assholes Moffat and Gatiss had flooded me with too much emotion to remember.

I’m posting this instead of a picture because I don’t have a camera, and the one on my phone takes pictures that are barely worth ten words, never even mind a thousand.

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